An Eerie Morning

I remember being out in the garage grabbing a fishing pole and my tackle box, suddenly I got the feeling something was terribly wrong. i walked into the house and turned on the t.v. just as the second plane crashed into the W.T.C. I watched for about 5 minutes then went to the ocean to fish for salmon. it rained all day nothing was biting, I was alone on the jetty.that night when I got home I turned the t.v. on and I remember seeing the members of congress standing together singing "God Bless America" then seeing the Palestinians praising Allah, then I remembered a passage in Revelations where it said the whole world praised God, and another passage about the Beast who's mortal wound healed and the world followed after the Beast marveling in awe ( shock and awe) saying who can match the beast, who can wage war against it... this happened later of course but... on 9/11 words came to me a poem I wrote that day

I seen the terror as it filled the skies above me
windows shatter, people scatter, the flames of hell arising
I seen the bodies as they leaped out from the buildings
cheating Allah of His burnt offerings
the panic stricken businessman, who cheated us of sovereignty
falling down, falling down
falling down, falling down
creation of man is falling down
wide-eyed children watch the buildings crumbling
creation of man is crashing down
to wake the beast from slumbering
a head is wounded fatal, I see the people on their knees
a head is wounded fatal, fulfilling words in prophecy
a head that somehow healed, on the eastern sea
forsakentruth forsakentruth
31-35, M
Sep 10, 2010