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I was a child when September 11th happened. The only way my life was changed was because of the policies and political atmosphere that resulted. Although, I never knew anything else. I don't really know what the world was like before September 11th.
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2 Responses Sep 10, 2010

I do remember what it was like before 9-11 unfortunately i have 2 kids who will never know what it was like. my oldest was 2 whwn it happened she was watching tv when the early show was playing the footage of the planes hitting the towers she is 11 now and still ask the same questions that she did that day ."mom why did they crash those planes into the buildings and what did we do that made them hate us so much" how do you answer a question like that when evenas an adult i don't fully understand

Oh that is sad. I just realised there is a whole generation out there who must feel the same !