A Tale Of Two Tragedies

That morning I awake just past the still grey dawn to my father coming down the stairs. I tried to roll over. He came over and shook me awake.

"Son, I have two things to tell you; this morning two planes crashed into the World Trade Center and last night your Aunt Cathy was killed."

I cried for awhile, but then everything was a blur. People grabbing our things and getting in the car, with the radio going on about all the casualties and that the World Trade Center had been hit.

So, in a weird but very upsettring way 9/11 will always remind me of my aunt (killed in an unrelated incident on highway 2). And also, when I think of my aunt sometiumes I think of 9/11
SJLuxon SJLuxon
31-35, M
Sep 10, 2010