Dead Silence 9/11/2001

I was running late for my 7th grade social studies class. The thing i remember most is walking into a room so quite you could hear a pin drop. I remember asking what was going on? someone said a plan just hit the pentagon. We watched the tv for a long while with only breaths and sighs to break the silence. Then i was paiged to the office because my parents where getting me because they thought id be freaked out. But, i ended up watching tv in my room all day and wondering how someone could do this. That day was the only day that i can remember feeling like im not as safe as i thought we where. It still brings tears to my eyes after all this year everytime i hear the calls that where sent out and the video of the towers falling. Flight 93 was what we are made of we will not give in without fighting with all we have to give. I remember hearing the story of those people that faught back and feeling proud to be an american. The most horrible thing that plays in my mind over and over is the people jumping before the towers fell. I will stop now before im a crying mess haha. Im Jaime and im 21/f/IL that was my story. Please pass it on they deserve all we can over and so do their families.
Jaime405 Jaime405
Sep 10, 2010