I Miss You, Michelle, And Everyday I Dance, I Dance For You

I remember exactly where I was when the planes hit the towers and the Pentagon.

I was sitting on a bus, ready to leave on a field trip with my fellow fifth graders and my mother was in a car with the other adult chaperones behind the bus. I remember the principal coming outside and boarding the bus and explaining that the field trip was being rescheduled as there had just been an ‘accident’ in the country. I can’t blame her for not telling us what had happened.

I remember walking upstairs to the classroom with my classmates and seeing the images of the tower on fire from the open-air library which was housed on the second floor.

I remember breaking down there in the hallway because Michelle lived in New Jersey and was attending school in Manhattan. Her mother worked in the building across the street from the World trade Towers.

I remember being escorted to the girls bathroom by my mother, who proceeded to call my father at work, who instructed her to take my sister and myself home. He was leaving work in Falls Church shortly and would arrive home at approximately 11am.

I remember not being able to find a television channel which was not showing footage of the burning buildings and the collapse which happened not long after.

I remember being worried as hell about Michelle and her mother.

I remember receiving the call from Michelle’s mother the next morning telling me that Michelle had passed in the initial shock wave of the first impact at 8:45am. She had been getting a pretzel with a friend from her school and had been hit by a piece of debris from the building.
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I feel your pain. I still don't understand why or how this could happen. The world changed that day

My sympathies

i understand how u feel. may her soul rest in peace

I remember waking up that particular morning (here in Pakistan) to see that scene on every tv channel, it was all everyone talked about, all of that day.... how inhumane, unjust and utterly shameful events occurred one after the other, killing so many of innocent, unarmed men and women and what for? that I can never understand. One thing is for sure, Islam (or any religion for that matter) has/had nothing to do with it.<br />
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Also, I even doubt Bin Laden or AlQaeda had anything to do with it, besides who even knew they even existed before and even after that, all anyone (including I) heard about those guys is from the same tv channel. Indeed it has changed the world all over, and even more upsetting is the fact that those kneiving politicians used and abused the whole incident, not just to act on their personal interests but to kill so many more innocent unarmed men/women/CHILDREN. I cant understand what was that about and even is, as the killings are still on going. I mean with 9/11 we atleast know that the casualties been just little over 3000, but I am sure the figure has to be in 6 (if not 7) figures so far, of the men/women/children who have been killed to avenge the death of those 3000+.<br />
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Talk about one day 9/11 or shall we talk about the 3650 (and counting) coming days when the killing never stopped, all triggered by one tragic incident which started this series of tragedies that aren't coming to an end. Talk about one day; the innocent Americans stood scared for the safety and well being of their loved ones or talk about every single day; ever since, people in and around this part of the world (Pakistan and Afghanistan) are scared for the safety and well being of their loved ones... I guess I cant be the one to put the price on any human's life, because I still believe everyone has the same blood in the veins, be it an American, an European, an Afghan or a Pakistani, just cant understand when the rest of world going to wake up and see/accept the same...<br />
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What has been the most pitiful and frustrating is that Pakistan, being the most unfortunate nation to have the most corrupt politicians yet, has been fcuked over and over not just by these coalition terrorists' ( yeah I called those US drones as terrorists here) of the war against this so called terrorism but also by the AlQaeda, US and its coalition kills Pakistanis coz its allegedly supporting AlQaeda and AlQaeda is killing Pakistanis coz its supporting US in this war, where infact our leaders are just whoring this country to US for money and are incompetent to protect against AlQaeda attacks, and there seems to be no reason at all for this war which is not coming to an end after all these years.<br />
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Lets just say, some ignorant cave men did even had something to do with it, but the very people who profess peace and responsibility have been acting in the same way, infact its like those mexican drug lords (cartel) whose egos get hurt and they start killing everyone, and continue until they eradicate the whole family, in this case that stupid coalition seems to be trying to eradicate a whole race, and the disgusting part is that they are doing it in the name of peace...wtf.<br />
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Even if, there actually exists an organisation named AlQaeda, could US not spend all of that money to make the defence so strong, that no one could ever do such a heinous crime again, and if all of that money (which is spent on this Afghan war) was spent on innovation and technology, the same could be sold or distributed all across the world and such measures/practices could be used by the whole mankind and even the coming generations, that I guess would be the real war against terrorism...but only if it was the real intention :(

So sad.<br />
Such a needless tragedy.