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I was sitting in my Spanish Honors class with other Sophomores and Freshmen in high school. We were preparing for a test and everyone was just psyched for the period to end. One of my best friends was excited since it was her birthday and we were heading to Concert Choir; you always have fun singing. There was a brief announcement by our vice principal stating that something had happened in NY and that we'd be given more information later. It's 5 minutes in between classes so as I was waiting for my birthday friend in the choir room, other students were whispering about the announcement and some were trying to turn on the class TV. My friend finally came in but was hysterical. All I was able to get out of her was "oh my God, please don't be dead, please don't, why won't they answer the phone, dear God." So many people came in crying and quiet. We just...we were in shock.
Carla469 Carla469
Sep 11, 2010