Didn't Think My Friend Was Serious...

I only had afternoon classes that day, so I was asleep when it happened. Shortly after the first tower collapsed my friend called me, and woke me up and told me something was happening in New York and that we were being invaded or something. I thought that was her idea of s sick joke, until I turned on my TV just in time to see the second tower collapse. Even though I was over 1000 miles away from NYC, I was scared and numb and in shock the only clear thought I remember having was, "I want my mommy!" School got closed before my classes, so my friend came over and we numbly watched TV until we couldn't handle it anymore, and then we tried to run some errands, but a lot of places had closed for the day, so we ended up at my mother's house. Unfortunately, this is not something my mommy could fix.
Holly344 Holly344
Sep 11, 2010