Where I Was On Sept 11, 2001

I was at home watching the news when a TV anchorman announced that a plane had flown into one of the Twin Towers. He wondered aloud if it could be terrorism. The news station, after a short time, got a cameraman down to the World Trade Center and he was filming what was going on, while the news anchormen continued to discuss amongst themselves what had just transpired. I listened intently, and then stared in horror and disbelief as I watched another plane slam into the second tower. I watched as it crumbled, and watched as people fled, dust and debris in their hair. "It is terrorism," the anchorman pronounced. "What are the odds of another plane taking out the second tower?" he shouted. All day news crept in, and I was sickened, listening to the other incidents of disaster that occured that day. Life has never been the same since then, really, and I will never forget. I'll always remember the fallen of 9/11 and honor them. But today I choose to honor their life and not their death... But let us not forget, lest we repeat history. No Mosque at Ground Zero...
Krissy799 Krissy799
Sep 11, 2010