Senior Year

I remember it like it was yesterday, I was a senior in High School and I was in art class. I saw the firefighters running into the building while everyone else was running out. I knew right then that i wanted to be a firefighter. A year later i was hired on Searcy Fire Department. A year later I signed the papers that would later send me to Iraq as a United States Marine as an Infantryman. After I returned home from Iraq I became a Little Rock Firefighter. I currently am am a firefighter there at station 2 downtown...9/11 was the worst day in my and many others history but at the same time it helped mold my future.
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9/11 was bad, but how the USA responded was worse.

As an old vet I was pinned to the TV. I had those old chills from long ago and watched, like you, those who sacrificed to save others. Those who suffered in sacrifice are the true heroes. Those of us who saw their sacrifice carry forth their legacy to insure their valor is never forgotten. Thanks

i was in kindergarden we just started school year

Thank you for your service!