I will never forget that day....I was at school and when the new started getting out, it was as if time stood still. A lot of teachers cancelled their classes and took their students to the library to watch the news. All of my teachers kept us in class, talked about what was happening, and tried to teach us a little bit but we were all too distracted. I remember getting home and seeing it on every single channel...I can still see it in my mind...the crashes, the people, the dust/debris...I was so frightened for all of those people and at that time we still weren't sure if there were going to be more attacks or not. In my mind every American was vulnerable....and in a way, we were all attacked, all effected. It was amazing to see how everyone came together. It goes to show that we CAN all stand united when trouble arises. It doesn't seem like it was that long ago. I think it's still fresh in ALL of our minds and hearts.
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I wish everybody thinks the way you are , because so many things changed toward the muslim/arab society after the attacks , I completly understand them ,but also I ask arabians and muslims to take steps forward to re-esablish the trust again .

I know...it really wreaked so much havoc between our cultures. :( Luckily, it never changed my opinions/feelings.

dad phoned me 5 minutes after the attack and told me to switch on the TV to aljazeera to watch what is happening , and the amazing thing he was the first her to know it was bin laden who did it , I felt sorry very sorry for those who died that day ,it was a shock a very strong one to especially my dream is to go america but now it is restricted for us who live in the east side of the world ,damn bin laden.