How Could You Forget

It was night in Australia when it happened. Everything on the television was interrupted as the first reports of a plane hitting the World Trade Centre were announced amidst much shock and confusion.

I was about to go to bed. I don't remember getting to bed.

In the morning the numbness was stupifying. I was doing my Honours and everyone in the lab was dumbstruck. There was nothing anyone could say. Even now. The inexplicable horror of that day defies comprehension or the passing of time.
lipbloss lipbloss 36-40, F 3 Responses Oct 13, 2010

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I was 30 minutes away when the planes hit that morning. The entire class went into a frenzy. A lot students had family working in the city. False rumors started spreading of other targets being hit. The phone lines were jammed. I spent the rest of the day watching the TV and the smoke billowing.

I can't believe that anyone involved in orchestrating what happened would be able to live with themselves :/

Especially for people in New York in the days and weeks that followed.<br />
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I think terrorists under estimate the unity such devastation provokes, the circling of the wagons and neighbours and strangers extending hands of help.

That was a shock! New Yorkers in general are not know for their compassion. they don't even give you the time of day.

It shouldn't be a shock though... they're human at the end of the day. The psychopaths who did it... they're not human.

It's hard to explain. Manhattan brings out the Hyde of our Dr Jekyll personalities. I.e. your whole personality changes once you enter the city. you would have to live in the area to get a fuller understanding. Trust me on this one.

i remember coming home from a bbq living in Broome at the time and every channel was showing the america under attack i was going to sea the next day and thinking oh my god this si going to be devestating.