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I was a stock broker in NYC on Sept 11, I wasnt at the twin towers, but our main office was on the 82nd floor of the south tower. I was at the the Exchange that morning and went outside when we heard the commotion. All the the rescue personel, and people running up Wall street..i saw the second plane hit.. the explosion.

I had been chasing the almighty dollar, 24 years old and had the world on a string, but then i saw those firefighters and first responders going into the buildings while everyone else was running away. My first thought when the north tower collapsed was " oh my god.. all those firefighters are dead"...and they were.

Two years later i became one of the brotherhood, and i look forward to going to work everyday... i have never regreted it for one minute.

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You must be a very special person, and well done to you. But don't you think that the US should get over 911 already? The books, the movies, the T-shirts etc. I am not trying to undermine what happened that day. It was an absolute tragedy, but so is every other disaster, mass killing, tragedy and attack everywhere else in the world. I have never seen a movie or read a book about the Palestinians in Gaza or the Ugandans in Africa or the war in Syria or Yemen. The mass murders in South Africa which have killed more people than any other incident in any other country. Is this because US has money? Whatever it is, it is just sad.

Hey Lyn, this article might explain some things A big part of your question's answer lies in the psychology of humans :)

I for one just want the world to stop pickin in the scar to make it bleed again... lost both my parents.. dad worked there. mom came to pay a visit. they were above plane level for her to see the view. she sent a text to my Nannie because she did not want us to hear her or dads voices. or anyone in the background... good for you to turn your life around. I still remember. but I want to move on, not get dragged back into it. get enough of that on the actual date..

Thanks baluc

I think sometimes people do not know what they truly want until it hits them in the face. I am impressed that even during such a tragic moment you were able to find yourself. You were chasing something you had been taught to want instead of being true to yourself. congrats on finding yourself.

this is truly what being a hero is all about, there was a reason you were put on this earth to help people i am so proud of you for doing this and helping people everyday, i may not live in the usa but i really appreciate you even from so far away.<br />
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Thanks girl... : )

That's why you were not in harms way that day. So you could be here to help others for many years to come. It's so nice you love what you do. You are blessed. It's a nice story, thanks for sharing.

That brought tears to my eyes when I read this. Be safe :)

thanks buks, thanks crazy.

I'm always curious to see what motivates people to do certain things. So many men and women enlisted to serve the country following 911 - I've heard of others who changed career paths for the reason such as yours. Thank you for having the strength to trade the chase for the "almighty dollar" for keeping us safe. I hope you keep yourself safe also.

Bless you!

noble and couragous, thank you I didn't think people were still like that.

My brother is a vounteer firefighter in our town. He went down to help out that week. He was so proud to have been able to help out that week. It was also one of the saddest times of his life.

thank you sweetheart...