Unspeakable Suffering

I will never forget these awful television pictures. Persons who tumble in complete desperation to theirs inevitable death by jumping out of the windows of Twin Towers.

We are to be used to great numbers. Unfortunately this holds true for awful numbers. About 3,000 murdered victims. A number which is difficult to imagine. The pictures of persons who tumble to theirs death were awful and brought home the message of powerlessness versus perversity of evil. The disaster was incredible unfathomably awful that it looked nearly unreal.

09/11 means for people in faraway Germany a cesura which will be not forget by the generation which has experienced this day at least. All fair people felt combined on that day of disaster worldwide.


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1 Response Jul 17, 2011

Who will ever forget this date? I remember that I wanted to watch a children's television series with my eldest son, the nestling played at a friends home and I saw the breaking news instead of the series. <br />
I sat in front of the television, paralysed and watched the news for hours, unable to do anything other.