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I Will Never Forget

I remember my mom bursting through the bedroom and telling me and my fiance and our daughter (we were sleeping), that the world trade center was on fire. We ran out to the living room and my mom was explaining that it was normal broadcast then it just switched to this. I sat down on the edge of the couch, my fiance and dad were talking maddeningly, my dad rushed to get the flag and fly it at half mast.

Then the second tower, started leaning and it fell into the other one, the absolute shock of it all. I could hear ever single scream feel every single terror rip through me like a bass.

I was panicked watching this happen, in shock, as I watched the firefighters and police go into the building. My dad and my fiance saying they will never make it in time.

The people running around and some just staring in disbelief. When it collapsed, when both of them collapsed... the announcer, I think, Matt Lauer, was crying.

I was crying. My dad and my fiance we all shared a moment of silence and prayed for all the people for our sister state New York and the horror she just went through. As if that wasn't enough, the Pentagon got struck.

I didn't think I could handle anymore, so my ex and me started to leave, but it was like we were just glued to the tv. Hoping, just hoping, that what we bore witness too was not real, there would be justice, there would be someone with words of wisdom.

When they showed the President's face. His angered calm composure, you could see it come over his face. I understand why he calmly finished. It wasn't a uncaring cold gesture, no... make no mistake, the President had to collect himself. What better way to do it then reading a story to children before the country would break into chaos? So, our leader, gave me hope later, watching him dismiss the secret service men as he walked into the White House by himself. It was go time. He wasn't going to let us down and didn't.

That evening it just replayed, Fox shared news coverage of what other networks didn't show. The people who were so desperate to get away from the fire and the heat they jumped. It broke my heart. I cried for them.

I think I cried over 4,000x that day. Over and over. I still can't handle any footage when it comes on. It's just too much. I love this country and that day a terrorist took my dream of wanting to see the world trade center.

We have not honored these people, when muslim mosques crop up and we are made to be the bad guy because we "racially profile" people. We do not honor these people when we consider more the "religious tolerance" of other races then our own rights to our own faith. We have not honored these victims when we point fingers at who could have done what, when, with how many stale cookies, there is no honor in this.

We honor them when we pledge our allegiance to the flag. United under God.
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It was a day that we will always remember