I'll Always Remember...

I was out picking up my sons prescription at UMC Pediatrics in Vegas. I had just sat down in the waiting room, and there was a TV in there- that's when I saw the 2nd tower go down, right then. I had a little wait, and then, when I left, I told my son in law, who was waiting in the car for me, "Turn on the radio quick! We were attacked-the Twin Towers are gone!". So we listened as he drove me to work. I worked for ADT Home Security at the time. When I got there, my boss said, "No one is working today for safety measures, and let me guess, your ride just left right?" I said yeah. He said, "Don't worry, I'm taking a few home, and I'll take you too." Buy the time I got home, my family, wondered why I was there, and I told them to turn on the TV, our country was attacked. The rest of the day, we were glued to the TV, watching in disbelief, and horror. I will always remember, September 11th 2001, and never forget, those we've lost on this day.
Laura430 Laura430
Sep 8, 2011