"a Day That Will Live In Infamy". And A Day "i Will" Never Forget..............................

I am part of a volunteer non-profit communications organization. we were in New York to go up into Twin Tower Two to have a meeting with the Mayor, Fire Marshal, head of the local 911 center, and some others to explain how our organization could interphase our members and communications equipment with the citie's, countie's and state's systems

We would have been half way up inside Tower Two.

At 8:45 am that morning, the call came to our hotel that that day's meeting would have to be moved to the 12th instead. Never heard as to why to this day. Don't care now. Just remember comming out of the hotel with my co-members later and started walking down the street towards the towers to go tour them, take a few pics of the towers [as I had never seen them before up close and in real life] and maybe go to the top to look out over New York to see the skyline.

We never made it that far.

The 12 of us were NINE blocks away from "Ground Zero" when we saw the plane heading towards it and wondering what the name of the movie it was going to be that was going to have a plane hitting the Twin Towers them or why a plane was flying so low in the city proper.

Had no idea at that moment that it was REAL.

After the dust cleared, as our training as 1st. responders kicked in, all we could was help, and help, and help. Dust covered EVERYTHING for blocks. Glass and debris was EVERYWHERE. Injured people were EVERYWHERE. We all just picked a spot and started assisting the injured from some little store that had the front glass blown out of it. Don't even remember the name of that little C-store. Just all the dust, debris and the PEOPLE NEEDING HELP, the people.

Then the second Tower was in trouble. OMG.

But no time to worry about what REALLY happened; just the PEOPLE......THE PEOPLE..........

Hot heroism, not nothing. Just helping our fellow man as anyone would do for us.

We were there in the aftermath for an additional four days helping others.

Just helping our fellow man [and women too, of course ]. Don't even remember how many we all helped.

Would, and WILL do the same again; anytime; anywhere, as long as I breath and am able........................

Paul94 Paul94 51-55 Sep 8, 2011

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