I Still Have Fears

i remember this day clearly waking up and watching the news, mum told me what happened and it scared me a year later i started getting very nervous and sad all the time and i would also check the doors to make sure they were locked, it got into a pattern where i would check each door 3 times to make sure that it was locked later on i was told i had depresson anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder, checking the locks, i also had alot of panic attacks about dying those were really scary coz i would always have this mental picture of me being burried and being in the coffin, i dont understand why it happened to me as i dont no any body from new york but i think i was more worried that the same thing would happen in melbourne i remember the scared sad and injured people onb the news and watching the people jump from the building it really scares me that it might happen here but my ocd atm its not about the locks it over food, lol depresson wise still real depressed anxiety not so much but i still have alot of fears of dying
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Sep 9, 2011