Tears Shed For Those I Never Knew

Even though I was only 3 when 9/11 happened, I remember every detail I took in as I saw, on the T.V., as the smoke poured from the building. My mom thought It was just the graffics that scared me but I remember clearly what really scared me. The thought that those were innocent people with families dying. I still have night mares of the smoke engulfing me and the flames licking at my skin while people around me screamed in agony. I had watched with tears streaming down my face with no reasonable explanation as to why. I never knew these people, never heard of them or even knew anyone who knew them. But I knew them enough to know that they didn't deserve to die then and that way. As we approach the 10 year date from when it happened, I find no anguish has left my heart after viewing the towers collapse. Even as I write this I still cry for those that have lost and have been lost. My life after that day had felt emptier as for no other reason than lives that have loved, been loved, hurt and been hurt, died that day while I could do nothing and while I was stuck in my house at the useless age of 3. If I ever do forget the reason I still live, I'll remember that day and that I must live to carry on what has been lost for those who are lost.
Crystal42 Crystal42
Sep 9, 2011