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I remember being in 8th grade the day it happened. we had a substitute teacher and the news hit. i remember being scared to death for a long time that my brother would be called to fight in the war along w a friend. ironically both did join the army and even more ironic the friend i was scared would be called joined TO FIGHT in the actual wars. ill never forget that awful day
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Did he come back from the war?
How are you doing today?

Have you heard from your brother lately?

Rational people will never forget that day, I'm glad your brother and so many others are here protecting us all....B

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A completely un-called-for comment, usmcdespiser. You must lead a sad life if the violent deaths of any people make you laugh. I disagree with the US's invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, but I don't wish anyone the "fiery death" you hope for. I suggest you seek some kind of therapy for your sociopathic thoughts.<br />
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I am glad your brother is safe, Wonder.<br />
<br />
Thank You for posting your memories of that day.

Sometimes our imagined fears do come true. However you have to respect the fact that they care enough for you and their country, to do their very best to combat the evil in this world! I may not be an American, but, like so many Canadians, I do have family there. My thoughts and prayers go out to your troops, and ours ... for doing what they can to keep us safe, at home!

I am so glad your brother is okay Wondering. God bless him and all who serve us (from Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force and all reservists to the police officers, fireman, and so many more that get no credit) and protect us and even give others the right to criticize in forums..

hes safe thank you for ur CONCERN