Why Arn't People Angry About This Crime That Has Been Comited By Those In Control??

I am really sorry for all the people who have suffered & died & those who are deathly ill now do to the demolition of of the twin towers.
I had just flew into St. Louis, Mo on the morning of the 11th.  Was at my Moms & began watching just after the first plain hit & while the second plain hit.
Then after the buildings had minor fires for a while the first building imploded on itself perfectly falling at free fall speed or faster. 
I remember thinking hat was a very well planned demolition.  I had seen a few in the past.  I would say in the history of planned demolition this has got to be one of the best.  To drop two buildings of that size & strength perfectly in their foot print, now that takes a lot of planning & many high ranking officials with high level security clearance would have to have been involved in order to pull this off.  Really sad the average American does not have the intelligence to realize the crimes that are being perpetrated against us by those in power.
Why aren't the people who had control over these building in jail ???   Wake up folks.
paul4299 paul4299
41-45, M
Sep 10, 2011