i remember exactly where i was - as i had got out of the hospital after my third knee operation [which turned into 8 surgeries ]till they finally took the leg off. but i was sitting at my desk with my foot up watching fox news [as i usually do each morning and at first i thought the news was about something that happened in another country as nothing that drastic could not possibly happen here in this country, - then it sunk in they were tallking about new york citys twin towers. i was in total shock, and started switching channels trying to find out what other reporters were reporting. as time went by all the reports just kept getting worse. it will be a day i will never forget, and everyday pray it will never happen again and thank all the first responders for their jobs they do and just how dangerous it is but people don't realize it til something like this happens. i pray every day that it will never happen again and for god to bless eah and every one who had lost their lives that day and to try to help the families recover.
god bless america and may the people who did this [and planning more] burn in hell
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Ah! Footless! At our age we loose this but that and we gain a few things as well... things that could only be acquired with longevity, experience and even pain. I am sure you have much to share and I hope you do so. Perhaps that is why you are in EP. The world is dominated by more and more information BUT less and less wisdom. Please let it be known.

I've been up the top of one of those towers several times as a tourist to your great country. 9/11 was an awful act. I feel for all the workers,firemen,police officers,the medics, passengers on the planes,those killed on the ground and visitors in the towers on that day. I feel for their families they left behind. Heroes all. God forbid it happening again. Also among the heroes we must'nt forget that day,,the passengers on board the hijacked flight bound for the White House/Capital Building,who fought back against those hijackers and died in the plane wreck. I watched the events that happened on the various news channels that day in disbelief. Islamist martyrs???? I hope that group BURN IN HELL along with those who planned it all!!!!<br />
Sorry to hear about your leg by the way.

Sorry about the operations and your leg, I broke my right ankle three years ago and was unemployed at that time, no fun. I can relate to your shock on 911, I was unemployed at that time also and was watching the new and I just sat there and could not believe what I saw on TV, at first I thougth the pilot must have been on something, but I saw the second plane hit and I knew it was on purpose, I could not move and had goosebumps.

I'm so sorry about your leg. :(