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I was on my second day of maternity leave from work.  I had my son on Sept 5th.  We came home from the hospital on the 8th.  He was six weeks early so I had to buy baby essentials on Sunday the 9th.

I was home and awake with him.  I was not normally at home so I decided to watch TV.  I had on the Today Show when they broke in with the news report.  I watched the second plane hit the second tower.

Being a new mom, I was exhausted from lack of sleep and dozed off (you sleep when they do) on the couch.  I woke up to his crying and saw that the Pentagon had been hit.  Then the towers fell.

I sat with my new son in my arms and cried.  I actually felt sorry to have brought him into such a world.

DawnK DawnK
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1 Response Sep 25, 2011

i think many people have been in that same predicament. i am currently discussing with my partner if we should be having children or not. i look at world events such as these & often think why would i have a child? its like everyone else has ruined it for me sometimes! people have kids for the sake of having kids too. not because they care or want to love them! the fact that you thought about your new bub at the time proves you love him........we live in a world with a lot of uncertainty & its never wrong for us to question anything including our future, our childrens future, their childrens future & so on.<br />
i think all in all we have to live for the moment so if we are doing that will our families or who we love what could be better?

Why bring a child into the world? How about to raise him up right and add one more soldier to the ranks of "the guys in the white hats"? All evil needs to prevail is for good men and women to do nothing. One of the greatest challenges to evil is to bring that child into the world and raise him/her right. Raise him not only to resist the evil but to aggressively battle it. Let that legacy live on and grow in the next generation.