Sadness and Relief

I was getting ready for school when I heard my ex husband yell "ARE YOU FOR REAL?" I came out of the bathroom brushing my teeth when I saw the smoke of the first tower... and watched the second one hit. HOLY SH*T the Twin Towers!

Over the next few minutes I saw people jumping out of the building and the smoke pouring out. The towers collapse... that was when it hit me... 3 of my cousins live and work near the towers. I got very cold and even more upset. I finally got through to my parents in Miami... All circuits were busy for quite a while. Everyone was accounted for... I was so relieved and felt so guilty that my family was ok and so many people were lost. Who gave me the right?!

Even now I am saddened with what had happened, grateful that many people did survive and unsettled that something like this could have happened. When remembering that event it also reminds me not to take life, family and opportunities for granted, to openly show and tell those I love that I appreciate them and to truly live and enjoy life.

Peace, strength and love to those who had lost someone when the towers came down. And for those who are away from family and who have loved ones away because of this mind boggling event.

GoddessNakiBean GoddessNakiBean
36-40, F
Apr 15, 2008