Friends Forever

I met this girl at camp,she was even younger then me.About 12 i believe.And at the time that we met I thought her parents had just been divorced,But we go to this thing called Thursday worship and when we went to pray in front of the cross she literally broke down.And i almost went with her,she told us her father had died in 9/11 i believe he was on one of those planes.It still makes me tear up to this day.I feel so bad for her.Her father had to be taken from her so suddenly so unexpectianly. And she'll always remember the date 9-1-1.
The plane was really heading for my city,so thats what i heard.An airport about 5 miles away.But it never made it.It ended up in a field right by our camp 30 minutes away.And also,my Uncle was supposed to be boarding one of those flights but his changed.
Rest in peace.You will always be remembered<3
Isabella34 Isabella34
13-15, F
Jan 26, 2012