Grade Five

I remember September 11th being a normal day until about 12:00 in the afternoon a teacher came over the microphone telling us all that the two towers had been hit, everyone was scared to death even me. Even some of my teachers were running around with cell phones trying to call people cause their husbands or sons/daughters were there at the time it happened.
Even with the years past I still cry about it for so many lives lost. It  really makes you wonder how it did happen if every was and is even a wonder to me now it planes are safe as they say it why I don't touch going on a airplane no more.
The reason why I bring that up is, I didn't know this until years later but the day before September 11th it was the 10th a a black man wanted to save money so he mailed him self to his mother he made it to the door step and jumped out to soon. Now as funny as that is in fact it is 100% true it happened years ago, But if people do really check things how did he get from point A to B without people knowing?

Here is a link to the infor if you like to check it out:
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Jul 22, 2012