I Think I Will Never Forget It..

It's like impossible to forget it.I'm not American but it touched and hurted me a lot,It could happend everywhere.I can just imagine how it feels when In one moment two high towers are gone out of earth,and what is the worst in that.There were people inside.How hard it must be to be in the situation when you know can't do nothing and you are going to die :( :(.I'm also thinking about those people who was in the planes.How horrible,scary and dreadedfull it was.I can recall the moment when i saw it in the Cnn .That was something unreal I felt like it's a movie scene or something like that.At first moment I was like speechless ,confused I didn't know what exactly happend.Then I saw other news and everything was clear.I was full of tears siting infront of my tv and feeling so extremly sad.

I feel such a deep pain for those people who died there in this tragic day and iI feel sorry for their families and relatives.I hope something like that won't happend again.I will pray for that.I will always wonder why?I'm also remembering people who lost their life giving help to those who needed it and was inside the buildings :(.They are heros they sacrafised themselves to save others.

No one deserved to die in that way:(.

I will also remember this day as a day when all America United standing in one spirit.In this day we all were Americans.
MissAgni MissAgni
26-30, F
Jul 28, 2012