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it is an event that will stay within my mind forever. Our home had burned the Thursday before and we were put up in a motel awaiting a home to move into. I woke up and turned the television on to see the smoke from the first tower. Being half awake, I didn't know what was going on and thought to myself, what kind of movie are they advertising now? I turned the volume up and found out that a plane hit the tower. I kept watching and when the second plane hit, OH MY GOD! I screamed and shouted some profanity waking everyone up. I told them that the towers were hit and burning. I was so shocked and I started to cry. My then 4 year old was watching and when my hubby took the kids to school, the pre-school watched it all day too. I didn't even go to work; I called in so I could watch t.v. all day. It was so sad and it hit my heart hard. My girl came back and told me that she watched the people in those buildings all day. Every day for about a week, when the planes were air bound again my girl would look up and ask me if that plane was going to go into the Space Needle or the football field where the Seahawks play. It was kind of devastating for her too. We kept the t.v. on and continuously watched and were suspect about some of the things that happened or didn't happen and it made me angry.

I actually know a guy who was on a honeymoon with his wife in NYC. They were scheduled to take a tour to the roof of the tower at the time they were hit; however, he and his new wife were lazy and stayed in their hotel room ready to take a later tour. I still watch videos about this day and read about the theories of others as to the "why's". It was a sad sad day and like I said, it pierced my heart and I felt for all those families who lost loved ones. Prayers continue to go out.
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Hi emerjae64,like you, I was nowhere near the city of New York at the time of 9/11. I was at home in England but have been at the top of the public viewing gallery several times in the past, as a tourist, having had several trips to your country. The horror, watching it on tv and the sight of people on the floors above the fire, jumping to their deaths, rather than burn. Added to that the brave men and women in the emergency services, risking their lives and in some cases, loosing them, Also, ordinary people in the towers and around when they collapsed, still brings a tear to my eye. I hope the ones who carried this awful act find their rightful place,not in Paradise as martyrs, but burn in Hell.