I Was A Paramedic Nyc When 9/11 Happened. I Will Never Forget

I was working as a paramedic firehouse 26 my partner and I both paramedics had just work night shift and we were coming back from dropping a patient off at the hospital it was 8am. We were filling out paper work and getting sign off and reloading our rig. I had called home to check in on my now ex husband and my kids I told my ex husband I would be home around 9:30. We got back in the rig and my radio went off my captain asking our ETA I told him 20 mins away and we got back on the road. 10 mins into our trip we started hearing a ton of radio tal about a helicopter hitting one of the WTC buildings. My captian radio us and told us we needed to report to the WTC building and we did I called my now ex and told him we had to go to WTC building because I helicopter or small plan hit it and he was like no a 757 airplane hit the tower I was like what and told him I no way and that I would be home when I could. By then there was much radio talk we arrived at the WTC buildings and saw people running, screaming and jumping. We went to the base that they had set up and we reported to our captain who told us you go in you rescue who you can and you get out. We did that numerous times but it was black dark and panic by everyone. My partner and I were on the 30th floor and we were bringing down 2 people I had one and my partner had one we looked out the window and saw plane 2 hit the other tower and we were in shock and everyone was yelling on the radios for us to get out and we went down the stairs as fast as we could. We were not allowed back in either building till they told us. Once we were cleared to go in my partner and I headed back in to save people we were doing that I swear my partner was right behind me I was bringing down one of the injured and we had just hit the ground floor and realized my parnter wasnt there we got outside and just as I was looking to head back in the tower started to collapse. I was in total shock half my firehouse and paramedic crew was in there and my partner. I lost my paramedic partner of 6 yrs on this day because of a senseless act. I continued to work as a paramedic for 3 more yrs after that day and then we moved to California and I could never go back I now work at a local hospital where I live but go home every year for the anniversary with my kids. I miss him so much but I have been able to move on but still dont have closure they never found his body..
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Are you still a EMS what would you do if you got to the scene of what ever you where called To and found the patient scared and curled up ?

Perhaps some higher force took him away from this world for being a hero.

All I can say is thank you

I'm so sorry, I was only 8 when that happenned, and my neighbor's dad was killed in it, but he was actually one of your friends, instead of someone I met once, so I don't really understand how terrible it must have been, I hope you can pull through it.

That's awful. I think everyone remembers that's disgustingly terrifying day. I was only young and didn't know what terrorism, fear or loss was. To have lost your parter in such an awful way is almost heartbreaking. I hope one day you will be able to find closure