The Most Important Thing Is To Always Rememeber

nine eleven was our pearl harbor
many lives were lost uncluding some of my closest friends
we were all shocked and frightened and confused and angry i know i was
but we can't just remember the anger or pain we have to use it
we cant blame a whole people for a few extremists
and we must also know that those men that cost our country so many lives
werent doing it for the sole purpose of destruction
they did for their faith
i dont agree with it
but the reason i point that out is so we dont blame a whole religion or a whole people on a few bad apples
i mean what if a few christian extremists were to do that we cant blame everyone even if makes us feel better if you want justice you have to seek it. it will take time and work and you cant just beilive whatever is conveenyent u have to research and learn the truth yourself. nine eleven was awful and i rememeber but lets remember why it happend
justjoni justjoni
22-25, F
Aug 9, 2012