Thinking Of All Loss Of Life From Nz

I remember waking up in Newzealand and turning on the tv and thats the first thing i saw the news reports repeating the planes flyinng into the twin towers i was really shocked! i never seen anything like it...i felt so sorry for the victims involved and their families.
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i was on my way to work and my girl friend called me the worst part it is all being covered up it was caused by the illumanti look them up they are a secret organization who want to control America check out ikkuminati members you will see the horrible truth in America lol vinny

I was driving a truck in the middle of nowhere when it happened and I was wondering where all the other trucks/traffic was and couldn't understan why it was so quiet on the road. I could not get a live radio station it was all pre recorded stuff and by the time I got to the next truckstop it was jam packed full of trucks and cars so I went inside to see what was going on and I couldn't belive my eyes. Thats was when the 2nd plane hit and then they started showing people jumping. I think I drove a truck for abother 4 hours before I finished went home woke up the mrs at the time and said check this **** out. She was deaf but we had teletxt for her so she could read what was going on and she started to cry. Was just in shokc for a couple of days. So So So sad for the families and people involved. and some people wonder why there is racism and a hate of religion in the world.