A Firemans Point Of View

I like to start by saying my heart goes out to all the love ones who lost someone that day, and to the rescue workers that are feeling the effect 11 years later.

As some of you know being a fireman or firefighter or EMS(emergency medical) or police, to most of us this is a "CALLING" somthing that you want to do. I can't explane it, it was something I had to do. I know that I was the guy out of everyone I know had to do this because I did not think anyone else wanted to or cared to do it. I stared out in fall1986 at the fire acadamy full of myself, I quickly learnd I was not so great as I thought. I could not tie a bowlins knot and I remeber my instucture tell me " This knot may save your life someday, and this knot is at your end test for graduation." I practice that knot in my sleep and any free time I had, I was going to graduate, no matter what. I did graduate and I still have probelms with that knot to this day.

So off I whent to my first firehouse thinking I know it all, OH BOY was I wrong! Met the house Captin and told me I was on the heavy rescue truck. I thought this is great I will be bussy today. So put my gear by my seat, hung my coat off the door, I was ready! So I had to pee off the bathroom I go, sure enuff the buzzer whent off in the middel of taking a ****. Finish quick ran to my gear and some guy put coffee cans in my boots and rags in my selev of my coat. Everyone at the station was laughing as I was TRYING to get dressed. The Luietant of the truck said "were ready whats taking you so long?" as he was laughing to. Being a "Probie" was tuff, but I grew to love my brothers, and still remember that day. I rember all I the things I learned and I the crap and **** I whent through and still thinking it was the tuffest job I will ever love. I am now retiered from the fire service and have a civlian job...wich SUCKS.

But I think back to that day in September 2001 I was doing side work at a consturtion site and we had no radio and by 1 PM it seem quite on the streets and at 1:15 PM someone came back from lunch and said the World trade center and the pentagon were hit by planes and america was under attack. I said to my self I am on duty tomorrow whats that going to be like? Well anyways left at 3:30PM got home turned on the tv and could not belive my eyes, the mass desstucion the loss of life and I saw my brother fireman looking for there brothers. No I am not a fireman from the FDNY but we all have a commen bond that we all share. So showerd shaved and whent to the station and talk to my brothers, I was told by the chief there was a candel light vigal in town that night and he wanted all of us there in are dress blues. What I saw that night for the first time was people had respect for us. A lady came up to me and thank me for doing my job, a littel boy came up to me and said I want to be a fireman because he saw me at a fire one day and though it looked cool. I whent to a fire call on 9-12-01 a alarm sounding, no big deal been to 100s of them. I came out and people were aplauding us like we had done something great. I thought finally after 15 years some gave a damned about what I did, that it was not just a buch of guys hang out at a firehouse. That night people brought us food and said is there anything we need. HOLLY **** what is going on I thought, all of a sudden people cared about us and what we did. Finaly the fireservice was a respectable job.

I retired in Januay 2009. I look back on my days as a fireman one of the best jobs to ever have. I whent to the tenth anavirsey of 9/11 and saw my brothers again. Only one guy I know at the firehouse now, most just look at me and have seen my picture on a wall and say do you like being retired? I say it o.k. Its nice not waking up at 2AM and going to car wrecks, and not eatting smoke anymore but I also tell them its the tuffest job you will ever love. To this day I still enjoy my time in the fireservice and I think it was the best thing I will ever do in my life.

So I know it been 11 years now I still feel sad and blue. I don't think that will ever go away.

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Sep 11, 2012