9/11 In Москва

11 years now..

I remember 9/11 so fresh in my mind, as it was a very rare day for me. Back then I was in upper secondary school (which is high school in America), and I remember a day before we had one of our English professors threaten us that if we missed his class the next day he was going to fail us all for the class, and he was going to make sure we never see the light out of the sec school, we were all frightened of this teacher, so you could tell by our faces there was no way we were going to miss his class the next day.

His class was at 5 pm, and I remember all day it had been raining, it had been a cold rainy day, which I loved, and I was so lazy and didn’t want to go, however I knew better than to miss his class, and my ex-boyfriend Mikk kept saying “how can he force you to take his class in a day like this? The forecast is very clear that the rain is going to break into an electric storm, and we’re going to be flooded with water, how can he make you go to school?” and my answer was to simply path his back and say “are you going to give me a ride or not?” he sighed and drove me to school. I loved the rainy day; it was so dark already, nighttime. I went into school and it was empty, only my classroom was occupied, no other soul but the gates keepers. I went to my classroom, which was in the third floor, and I remember some of the guys were playing rugby in there, which was nosey and they were pushing people and chairs around as they played. I sat and waited for the stupid teacher, and after about 30 minutes of him not showing up, one of the gatekeepers came to the room and said we were dismissed as the classes had been interrupted for the day, as the storm was starting. As he said this, I picked up my mobile with intention on calling Mikk and ask him to pick me up, but there was no signal, effects of the storm apparently.

So, I had no choice but to walk to the avenue, which was like 10 minutes away, and take a bus home. By the time me and my classmates were out the building, the streets were flooded with water, the water would reach up to our waist, now I remember and I think “we should’ve found shelter” but we were young and careless, we walked to the bus station. Off course by the time I reached the bus station I was soaked wet from head to toes. I was afraid the bus driver wouldn’t take me as I was so wet, but to my surprise he stopped, and I got in. And I found that everyone was as wet as I was. The bus took me home, and on my way there my phone regained signal as I receive a call from Mikk, who was hysterical with worry because they announced on TV that they were going to interrupt universities and schools. But I told him I was about 5 minutes away so just wait for me in the apartment.

I arrived in the apartment and I was so cold, sneezing and my skin paler than usual, he was waiting for me, with a bath of hot water, tea and a delicious hot dinner. After my bath I took my tea to the bedroom and I changed into warm cozy clothes, I kept telling him all the way from the room as he was sitting in a couch by the living room, I kept telling him about my day but he wasn’t talking back, so I looked by the door to see if he was there and there he was, sitting, watching news, he looked horrified in his face, and since we had been watching news all day about the flooding around town because of the never ending ice-cold rain, I figured he was still on that.. I rolled my eyes thinking “*******, it’s just a ******* storm”.

After I put on my warm cozy pj’s and slippers I walked to the living room with my tea in my hands, and I lay in front of him on the couch, I rested my head on his chest and watched whatever he was watching as I was having my tea and eating dinner. There it was, the most shocking news I had ever seen, the twin towers, the American WTC covered in a cloud of dust... I was horrified as my eyes dictated my mind and my mind refused to grasp what I was seeing. When the second tower collapsed, I saw with tears in my eyes the downfall of such a great country, to see the freedom their citizens were so accustomed to, fall into crumbles to the ground, as so many people, working people, lost their lives, as they were there working for their daily sustenance, oh they did not deserve to go that way..

And up to this day I wonder.. Where is the freedom? The American dream of living in beauty and freedom was all a fairy tale, as everything there is in the world which is too good to be truth, nonexistent, a legend, a beautiful mythology tale you know is just not possible but your heart refuses to believe... there it is.. Your heart believes now.
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2 Responses Sep 11, 2012

"When the second tower collapsed, I saw with tears in my eyes the downfall of such a great country, to see the freedom their citizens were so accustomed to, fall into crumbles to the ground"<br />
Isn't that the truth? I mean beyond the attacks themselves, if you add the laws and acts invoked since that day, and after being shown how easily rights and freedoms can be taken away, one almost has to wonder if they ever existed in the first place.

It's time to reclaim the myth and make it a reality. This is the power of being an American.