Our Generation's Life-changing Event

I have this theory that 9-11 is to many  of us that either were too young or weren't even born yet our "Assassination of JFK" - I remember growing up hearing my parents and their friends talking about where they were when they heard that JFK had been shot.

Well, I wasn't born yet, so though it is a sad time in America's history, it was never that life-changing event that it seemed to be to most people from that era.  But, I now listen to people my age (some older and some younger), we talk the same way about 9-11.  Almost every one can tell you where they were when the first plane hit the towers.  They can usually tell you where they were that whole day - what tv venue they were glued to.

For me, 9-11 was so unbelievable and so emotional even in my cloistered suburb of Richmond, Virginia.  It made a huge impact on me and I will never forget where I was when the first plane hit, then the 2nd plane - the Pentagon AND the brave passengers that died in a field in PA.

I am a firm believer that 9-11's impact on the world is still being felt today - in our feelings of security and in our economy - in more ways than most would think about.

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Thanks so much for your comment - very thought provoking!!

It is strange I was just born before JFK and it has been hard for me to understand how much television has impacted my life bringing the world to mine. I remember calling a friend after watching the first coverage showing the first tower had been hit and as we were talking when the second attack, left me speechless,. I remember watching the coverage of the moon walk or when we were in school and watched the first space shuttle take off and land. Vietnam War, Watergate, Lewinsky, or the Challenger disaster<br />
There was something different watching 9/11 unfold it seemed we as a nation had witnessed the one small step back to an other time, a terrible place, a burning desire to avenge the deaths of those I never met but were liberty's children.<br />
I watched President Obama's State of the union speech tonight, To live well and preserve this republic against foreign and domestic threats, To do what is right and not popular is the best way to avenge the deaths, we can not forget.

You've got that right. I was just on youtube the other day watching some videos about it and listening to commentaries - I started to cry - not weeping or anything - it's just so sad! We are going to NYC this summer, and one of the tour stops is the 9-11 memorial - I know it will be a moving and memorable experience.<br />
<br />
Thanks for your comment!

You are 100% right. 9/11 was the zeitgeist of several generations, horrible as it will forever be. And it is incumbent upon all of us as both Americans and citizens of the world to never forget, lest we allow the horror to be revisited on yet another darkened day.