I Still Remember September 11

Who don't remember that day? I was still in highschool when that happened, I was preparing to go to school when i Heard in the radio " something happened to the one of the WTC towers" so I ran and turn on my TV , my eyes couln't believe what I was witnessing , What is going on???, my mind was trying to understand ..... then   I saw the second Impact to the towers "LIVE" , then I new that was not an accident but a hijack. I was witnessing history.......I was witnessing a new chapter in the worlds big book of human failure.

 What A caotic day so many lifes mark by ignorance and unracional hate . I still feel sad when I remember this tragic event.  So many lifes lost, so many lifes hurt, september 11 reminds us how selfish and evil humans are capable to be.  But come on I wont talk only of hebad side of the event...... It was proven that in the same way that there's dark souls trying to harm others, there are even more souls willing to help. So many good people helped , united and work as a team , It was proven that there's still people with sense and warm in their hearts and that single horrible event brough together those who were impact in a way from it.  

Streght to all those who lost a family member,co-worker, friend. Blessings to all those who survived, God must have a plan for them, for some reason they survive so they should give thanks to God. Thanks to all the ones who helped  and rest in peace to the ones who lost their lifes.

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3 Responses Sep 11, 2007

I was in high school too at the time. But I see we're in different time zones. I am in the Eastern Time Zone, so I was already at school when it happened!<br />
<br />
Did you go to school that day? I didn't even think of that. We were on lockdown.

they locked down everyone

May the leaders of this world someday come to their senses and stop the bloodshed occuring everyday in so many countries.

U said it all .. God bless the USA .. Amen