One of the Many Responders to the Pentagon

yes I remember that day.  It haunts me daily and when it gets closer the  nightmares begin.  I was called to respond to the Pentagon after it was hit.  I am a firefighter/medic.  I was there for 4 days doing body recovery for FEMA.  Our department was a volunteer dept with alot of specialized equipment.  I wont go into what the details of what I did or saw.  It is hard enough for me to handle but know this that my heart bleeds just as much as those families who lost a loved one.  Not a day goes by I dont think of them all and the things I had to do and see.  Please if we can do something to commerate this day in anyway I am all for it.  I pains me that so many have forgotten.  It should be a day that is never forgotten. 

Redvafire Redvafire
3 Responses Aug 24, 2009

Thank you for sharing the experience with all of us who care deeply for a country that is still under attack DAILY! It saddens me that the Kardashians get more news than the brave folks who defend our Republic without fanfare or accolades. God Bless our First Responders!

Yeah I remember that day to it changed my life forever cause I was deployed to Iraq for 10 months in 2004

I was not directly involved other than experiencing an attack on my country and the very real loss of 3,000 of my countryment and women. Understnding that beyond those 3,000 were probably tens of thousands of others who experienced the agony of realizing that their son or daughter, husband or wife, brother or sister, mommy or daddy were not only never coming home again but died horribly in terror and were probably obliterated beyond recognition. I will not forget that day. It's the day I learned to hate.