I Will Always Remember

I will always remember where I was, and what I was doing, on that terrible, tragic day!

I was at the country house belonging to my mother and her husband, taking care of their two dogs while they were on an out-of-Iowa driving/touring vacation!

I woke up around 5:00 A.M., let the dogs out, walked outside with them for a few minutes, then we came back inside, and went back asleep!

I had set my radio music alarm to 8:30 A.M. On the radio station, which normally played smooth jazz music, there was talk about a terrorist attack!

I naturally assumed they were referring to Israel. When I heard them say that airplanes had crashed into both of the World Trade Center towers in New York City and at the Pentagon, in Washington D.C., I said "Whoa!," ran upstairs, turned on the television set, and the first thing that I saw was a replay of the second plane crashing into the second tower!

I was shocked, and speechless, as I was for the rest of the day! I thought, "How could anybody be so evil, so full of hatred, as to do something like that?"

I stayed glued to the television set for most of the next six days; all of the broadcast and cable networks were covering the aftermath 24/7.

My mother and stepfather returned from their vacation the following Sunday, September 16'th. As we had on the telephone over the past few days, we talked about the sheer horror of the attacks, and the sad sights of people on television looking for loved ones, people who may have survived that day! Of course, as we found out later, while some persons were fortunate enough to make it out alive, most did not, including all who were in the buildings when they collapsed!

I had thought to myself, during my remaining days at the country place, "Don't cry! Stay focused on the dogcare/houseguarding activities!"

However, as soon as my mother drove me home, and we got out of the car, the tears came! In a long, intense, shaking flood! My mother held me and soothed me, as I cried for a very long time!

I learned from that terrible tragedy just how valuable life is; and how we shouldn't take it for granted; and the importance of making the most out of each day!

I'll have some additional thoughts on the aftermath of the day the United States was attacked soon! I need to stop for now; my eyes are tearing up!

jrhanold jrhanold
46-50, M
Sep 11, 2009