As Souls Flew By

Hmmmm.. what can you say.... I thought , Man that planes really low!!!It started as That Morning  thinking," Honestly This Is The Most Beautiful day ever , what a beatuiful blue sky, warm, no wind or even a hint of a cloud ",!I was standing outside, ontop of a hill , by a local golf course on the 5th Tee, overlooking S.E. PA. andlocated just a few miles S.E. of pittsburgh and very close to the Pittsburgh's Air space Beacon tower .

As I was looking out over this Valley I saw a plane , Large jet , flying so close to where I was standing, it looked like a small model plane ,banking , one that you could reach out and grasp it was so very Low....

I thought , Man that planes really low... Yes it was .

It was the one that shortly afterwards crashed at shanksville,approx 30 miles further in their Flight, It was # 93 making it's final turn towards D.C. after passing The Burgh, as I later came to find out at the clubhouse after  9 .

I remembered walking in the clubhouse turning and glancin' to the Tv watching for about 1 minute and yelling out loud WE"re Under Attack, Thought opps and noticed everyone else staring in disbelief, after the fact.

 Now As I reflect, I never told anyone ,not even in my group ,I left soon afterwards and went Home crushed, sadden and I felt possibly I was Called upon to look upon Them, so to remember those Souls that flew by and were going to die on That, The Most beautiful Morning ever.

I pledge to never think or say such words again until today.

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Sep 11, 2009