I Will Never Forget !!!

I will never forget the loss of my brother & sister firefighters from the NYFD.  Even though I have never met them, as a professional firefighter I feel connected to all of them just because of what we do!  Their courage that day was remarkable, their determination to drive up those stairs, while others were fleeing down them will always stay in my mind.   I remember seeing the shows on television and that is the one thing that I remember the most!!  Seeing firefighters running up the stairs with high rise packs on their backs, while others were running down them.  The country lost hundreds of heros that day, some of them firefighters, some of them just plain folks.   One other story sticks out in my mind as well, the "red bandana guy".  A civilian also running up to help others, sacrificing ALL to save a few. 

In our fire house, we have photos and memorials of 9-11 everywhere to remind us everyday of the courage and sacrifice that comes with our job. (I say job but to us it is more than a job it is a way of life, a commitment)  I remember something that the father of the red bandana guy said on tv once... "Greater love has no one than this, that one lay his life down for another"

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I will never forget cuz it's my parents anniversary

Thanks you for this story...911 will always be a sad time for me...Thank you for this quote also.<br />
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If any good can come from this tragedy it's in keeping the memory of these heros alive and in remembering how people pulled together...I have never seen the city so focused on helping and on giving..out of the depths of tragedy a sort of somber beauty rose.<br />
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My heart still breaks for the family members left behind.

Thank you. This post is wonderful. I've not been able to look at any more film footage of it. I just can't.. It's a nightmare, a horror in action. Men,women, children from all walks of life..innocent. People connected to people. Loved ones who did nothing to deserve this wrath.Yours was the first story I could read. This has given me a bit of strength to read more..The quote was touching & I weep again.

I was in 5th grade.. Saw the flaming building on tv in class, figured it was just another fire or a bomb from that Timothy McVey guy.. Found out it was a plane and figured it was a mistake, pilot fell asleep?

We saw the next plane hit the tower LIVE. We saw people die or jump for their lives on live on air. We were speechless, it was obvious that 2nd plane hit on purpose.

Next thing i know, pentagon in VA is also hit. Then another plane lands in a field. My aunt works in the pentagon and i freaked out.. All phone lines were out, my mother trapped at work afraid the metro train would be hit next.

Super glad she and my aunt made it home safe. I was afraid war would literally break out in the streets, or that fighter jets would pearl harbor my school next. Never prayed so hard in my life