Strange Day

I was 11, and when it happened I was in school.
The first time I saw anything about it was in my science class... I didn't know it was happening, so when I saw footage of the Pentagon on the news, I became really curious.  The teacher was just putting a video in, so I only saw it for a second.  Other students in the class asked him what it was, and he was like "nothing, stop getting distracted"... he didn't know...
I reasoned that it was probably some old footage or something, and the thought just left my mind...
Later, in history, there was a message over the intercom, and the principal announced that two planes have hit the World Trade Centers.
He gave no other details, and everyone became really concerned...
people asked questions, how big were the planes?
Why did they hit?

My parents work for the airlines, my mom is a ticket agent and my dad is a mechanic, and I live in Massachusetts, so they were out of harm's way.
This really affected them however, since they are both from New Jersey, and grew up at a 30 minute drive from the City.
So, about an hour after the principal's message, I was called to the office.  I had no idea what was going on, and became really worried.
My parents picked me up and on the drive home we listened to the radio to keep updated.  The whole thing was a huge surprise, and my mind started to spin.
The rest of the day and week was a blur of constant news watching...
constant terror...
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You know what is the oddest thing? I was there, less than six months before it happened. I was in New York City for a school trip. I had a picture of the Twin Towers and the NY skyline from the roll of film I took. (Can you believe this was before digital cameras were popular?) It's so odd to look at it then and now. It really makes my head kind of foggy when I try to think about it.<br />
<br />
They really did try to hide it from the younger students. I went to a Jr / Sr High. They weren't in the same building, but they were on the same property. The music building was connected to the Jr. high and so therefore, I didn't know anything until 11:30 when I returned to the high school. (I had music classes all morning).

sorry ws it was a joke referring to that one mistaken comment i made about the pregnancy thing on another story of yours.

I was at home but I will never ever forget the moment or the days that followed.

yeah... I miss those buildings..<br />
a lot of my family lives around there so I don't know anyone who died but I know people that do..<br />
so you did mean more?<br />
why would being worried about it and cautious lead to more?<br />
I'm confused.

11 on sept 11.. you'll never forget that.<br />
<br />
i had never seen or felt anything like it and i was 28 at the time. i remember cold war terror and fear of impending doom looming, but this was the real idea actually happening and not just something that "might happen". <br />
<br />
plus i think it will lead to more unwanted pregnancies and orphans. or maybe less.. i still get confused.

I had a kid in high school and wanted to pick him up too. The school told me that none of the students knew what was going on. I can only imagine how hard it was for you at 11. When he came home to find both my husband and me there, he was surprised. I don't think he really thought much of it until the next day--couldn't quite take it in. I was kind of glad that I didn't have to tell him though because I wasn't sure quite what to say. I'm glad your parents picked you up--it was a day for families to be together.