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I'm not an american nor live in U.S. But my 1st travel alone was to NY, in july/2001. I was simply amazed, loved everything about the city, i really felt connected to that place. I remember the desire of staying in NY forever, the city where i lived my first great love. He was from New York. We met in NY and we walked around all day long, going to parks, museums,stoers, seeing people. During 3 weeks i was the happiest person ever. One of the moments i treasure the most was when we were in the Park and he gave me a poem i keep with my up to this day. When it was time for me to go back to my homecountry, we said goodbye and he promised to visit me soon. I wet on the plane back on August 11th, 2001.

One month later, i was at college, and a classemate interrupted the teacher to say she had received a phone call saying someone had exploded a bomb somewhere in NY. those were the 1st news we heard. A bomb. i was very concerned, for my realitves who lived in NY and for my loved one too. It took me a while to find a TV and find out about the planes and all the horror that was happening. I was utterly desperated  until noon, when i finally could get in touch with the people I knew and find out they wer all ok. None of them lived or worked around the towers. I was reliefed for that, but also feeling very sorry for everyone else, all the ones who hadn't the luck of scaping. For all their realitves, for all the people who knew them. So many lives destroyed - what for? Up to today, seems... there are no words, really.

Another difficult part was living with my friends after that. You see, in my country there are many people who see USA as villans, imperialists, and so on. In 2001, a lot of people - and i mean A LOT - thought the " US got what they deserved. It was well done. It was the price to pay for their foreing policy". I argued with so many people. I just couldn't - can't - accept that when so many peole were murdered. Many of them were not even americans, and even if all of them were americans, a life is a life. A tragedy is a tragedy anywhere in the world, even if you don't like the place where it happened. We're not talking about numberes, we're tlaking about people. People who had family, got up, went to work, had pets. People, just like any other. I remember arriving at college one morning and  see a group of students burning an american flag just to show their support for BIn Laden. I was so disgusted I just got back home without making it to classes that day. I do love my country, but i think there are no excuses to hate another country that much, to disrespect people that died over nothing. After 9/11 i founded out i couldn't be friends with anyone who supports killing innocent people. An i lost a lot of people because of that.

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26-30, F
Mar 8, 2010