Always have, always will
As many of you may or may not know, I have a mental disability known as Asperger's. Due to this, I grow slower than most when it comes to social expectations. A lot of the same television shows I watched as a child I still enjoy watching. I don't get involved in politics very much because of all the arguing. I love looking back at photos of myself as a kid, even though I didn't have the world's best childhood.
I'm also an eccentric person. While most little five year old girls favorite animals were puppies, kittens, and ponies, mine were sharks, skunks, and crocodiles (yes, really!) At age eight, I still loved playing with my dolls and watching Barney. (yes, I mean the purple dinosaur!) At age eleven, while most girls found boys cute, I was more interested in writing poems and reading books. I even remember my mom asking me "Don't you think the guy from High School Musical (Zac Efron) is cute?" and me saying "No."
I take all this and apply it to the kids I work with today. I'm a bit of a no-nonsense disciplinarian when it comes to rules, but most of the time I'm a more "fun" person who helps then view the world as simply yet open as possible. When I work with kids, no matter the age, I try to do a lot of hands-on activities with them as I believe they tend to learn better and stay focused with those, even if things do get a little messy. I'm even able to explain complex matters t the youngest of children using simple terms. In the future, I hope to become an elementary teacher so I can help others to view the world in this childlike state.
warriormaiden17 warriormaiden17
18-21, F
Jan 3, 2014