My mother's best friend and family friend, Mr. Bernard, dropped by to take me to my therapy session today. Afterward, my mother wanted to stop by a store to pick up some things, before we headed for my favorite local diner. While she was in the store, Mr. Bernard did his thing of looking for pennies or nickles on the ground. He thought he spotted a nickle, but it turned out to be an Asian coin with lots of kanji symbols on it. He was disgusted and threw it back on the ground. When he wasn't looking, I picked it up... it looks cool! So, I stuffed it in my bag and plan to clean it up, a little later. My new trinket to keep. :-)

I don't know... I've always been this way, not so easily ready to toss away things I come across, even though it's obvious that it has no monetary value. Most likely, it will sit on my nightstand, along with the rest of assorted knickknacks I've collected over the years. I realize that I still see the world with childlike eyes, as the coin is being kept because it looks AWESOME! :-D

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2 Responses May 19, 2009

I would have done the same! ; P

I still pick up things like marbles or old coins off the sidewalk.<br />
I also have been know to start snowball fights!