Child Inside

i beleive, ive never grown up that some where there is the child in me that never got a good start in life that still years for love from her mother. but never seems to receive it.

so i play child by diong the silly things i  never really got to do early on in life. i joke with my sons send made up jokes to them. i even laugh at my own jokes which can be rather funny at times;

zophia zophia
46-50, F
2 Responses Aug 31, 2009

You are both so extremely blessed.

I too still see the majic left in the world.God put it there for us to enjoy even if we are adults.I am still amazed by the an eagle in the sky ( by the way some Native Americans belive those are the eyes of The Great Spirit the Creator)and a thunderstorm.I am amazed as a look upon the beauty of the clear night sky and the myriads of stars and knowing how gigantic and how bright some of them are.Or the simple beauty of a small chickadee at a bird feeder.I have what I think was an experience with the Holy Spirit when I made a covenant with God to drink alcohol no longer in my life a few weeks ago and Im still sober.40 days ago.And I see the world through peaceful,joyous,and loving eyes.The there is so much Beauty and Creation in the Universe and no anymore stops to look or listen or just empty thier minds of all thoughts like I did and feel His Presence and see how wonderful the Universe really is.And no I had insight like long before I made a promise to God to longer drink.Just take a few moments and really watch the majic of the world around you.And dont just glance at it.I mean really look.I have the same childlike wonder about the world I had as a youngster.