19 And Still Single

my name is JJ. Im 19, about 6ft, dark blonde short hair, blue eyes and my life is stuck in a rut.

i had girlfriends all through my life in school.well i use the term girlfriend loosely. To me, girlfriend that you have at the age of 9 and 10 don't really count!. and the really annoying thing is i broke up with all of them( apart from a girl in year 8 when i was about 14). Now i wish i had stuck with all of them because the probability of having one left today would be higher.

when i left school at 16, i had not had a girl friend since 14 but with working a lot so i could run my car thoughts of finding a girl to spoil rotten kind of slipped my mind. Except of course when i could hear my brother (21) having sex with his girlfriend and thoughts of having sex with a girl i love ( love maybe used quite a lot in this story so i apologize in advance) come flooding back and it actually makes me a tiny bit depressed.

But as always i would go to the gym and sweat out my troubles. As a teenager i had feeling for one girl. Ill call her Jess. Not that im worried she will read this pathetic story and give me a right good hiding but its for peace of mind and all that. Now jess was very very pretty, i liked every thing about her. i stat next to her in most lessons and even went to prom with her. But for some F**ked up reason i never asked her out. We first became friends in Paris on an art trip. But i think i left it to late (3 years to late) to ask her out, The friendship had become to good to ruin with the threat of a relationship going wrong. Now i liked every thing about her. her short dark hair, her blue eyes. her magnificent
lips. Just talking to her got my heart racing. she would always hug me instead of a simple hello. she lit up everyone's day. Sadly we did started growing apart and didnt speak to each other as much. now im not stupid but for some reason when i left school on a Friday after about 4 weeks of sixth form i DIDNT EVEN SAY GOODBYE TO HER!!!! what the **** did i do that for. i got a text from her simple saying "you could of told me you had left". My heart sunk and i simply apologized and never spoke to her again.

So here i am, no girlfriend. I go to the gym a lot, trying to get fit for the military Police. I go out when i get invited and love to get on the dance floor half wasted and body pop or robot. for some reason i am quite a natural dancer but hate preforming in front of people hence the alcohol.

I had a dream last night. I asked a girl out, all i remember was she had blonde hair and we where walking down a path near a nice stream holding hands and i felt what i assume was love. I was really gutted to find out it was a dream

I am not good at talking to girls, never have been and i think hat is my biggest problem. Now this is the interactive part of the story. if you have any tips for me on how to spark up a conversation with a girl please leave them in the comments box or message me. Im in a rutt and would appreciate any and all help:)

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You sound like a sweet guy I think you are way to hard on yourself though. Your sexy and seem quite intelligent any girl would be lucky to have you :)

Thank you very much ;)