My Mom Suggested A Psychiatrist

I am 21 years old, when I was about 18 years old my family dog decided to rip up my baby blanket and I cried for a few hours because I've had it since I was born. My mom thought it was funny and was glad. Since the day it happened I started looking on for hopefully someone selling the same blanket, I was determined to get it back. Finally now that I am 21 i found it online for 50 bucks. At first I didn't want to sleep with it like old times because it was brand new and wasn't "my" blanket. But a traumatic event happened where I broke down and slept with it, now again I sleep with it every night. My mom thinks I'm in need of a psychiatrist to the extreme. I sometimes feel like there is something wrong with me and why I can't just let go of the blanket but it was the only thing in my childhood to comfort me through everything that happened when I was younger that I couldn't talk to my mom about.
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Your mom is mean and what kind of dog did you have?

lol. im only 14 and my mom is trying to throw it away without me looking. so i always hide it somewhere very secretive when i go to school >_>.

I'm 20 and I still sleep with mine. I'm really not ashamed of it and I've fought with my dad every time he's said I need to let it go. I don't think you need help, but then again I've named my blanket... lol

your welcome and just because your i belive 21 dosent mean you have to leave behind things that most young children people do that because they dont want to be thaought differently of i had somthing like your blanket but it got destroyed by someone and i still wish i had it and just cause your mom thinks you need a phychatrist she is completly wrong and i dont know how to say this a phychatrist is used for people with problems not for someone has something that calms you down.

LOL i have to say I think that is the best comment i could have expected , thank you :)

well your mom needs help that blanket to you is like a place were you feel safe and calm it makes you feel happy i wish i had something like that but no offense to your mom she needs to shut the hell up