Im a Blankie Addict

when i was little i would have panic attacks if i didnt have my blaky i couldnt sleep eat and it felt like i couldnt breath. Also if anyone touched my blanky i went on a rampage and started beating them i think this insecurity stemed from my older brother constantly pulling pranks on me via blanky, i never let anyone outside of family know about my blanky when i was younger my mom made me imbaressed of it and she was determined for me to get rid of it. im not as crazy with my blaky anymore people can touch it and i dont hide it but its still hard to sleep without it. its just so nice to come home to a blanky its he ultimate comfort im 18 now so i doubt i will ever give it up mainly cuz i dont want to

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2 Responses Feb 25, 2009

thats funny becaus i have an aunt whos the same way about pillows that i am about my blanky she once left it in another state by accident and my dad had to drive all the way there to get it and bring it back, im glad to know theres others out there

I'm that way about my pillows. Cant sleep without them. Other pillows wont do and i CAN tell the diffrence. My hubby used to look at me strangely when we'd go to stay over at his mom's house and I'd bring my own pillows, but mostly everybody's used to it now ;-)<br />
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I used to be kinda territorial about them (and i still am at bedtime) but when worse comes to worse i will share my pillows with my son. Sometimes he needs them more than i do.