I am almost nineteen, a college freshman and a male. and I am proud to say that I still sleep with my baby blanket. It is kind of weird to say I still have it, but it is my little piece of heaven. I love my blanky even though it is ragged and torn, but it doesn't matter. It makes me happy and it smells good, not to other people but that is beside the point. It is mine and I love it. and I will probably have it for life. 

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i still have all my baby blankets i sleep with them every night infact im holding 1 of them right now lol i also have 2 stuffed animals tht i hav had since birth and i luv them all 2 death!!!im not as old as most of u people but atleast i can discuss this with people who understand lol i culd never do that with my friends at school.

You are so awesome for this :D

I'm so glad people still do this when they are in adulthood. I have a little toy duck, which I've had since birth, and even though I'm a teen now, it's a comfort to see her. She's got a huge hole in her face, and she's a bit ragged, but when I feel blue I hold onto her. She's also my bit of heaven. :)