I'm Not Embarrassed

I am a twenty year old thumb sucker and I will never stop sucking my thumb my sister and brother also suck their thumb but we each have different ways I hold feathers or an old piece of my Scooby Doo pillow case and cuddle with it while sucking my pointer finger I have never sucked my thumb I just preferred my pointer finger as a baby and kept with it my brother is twenty three and he sucks his thumb while doing about anything and my sister Krissy who is twenty but older than me cause she was born in August 1991 and I was born December 1992 so we are the same age for a most of the year and she sucks her thumb by wrapping her hair around her thumb we've done it our whole lives and my sister finally stopped but me and my brother still do it and I doubt we will ever stop though I'm not embarrassed about my sucking on my pointer finger I don't want to advertise it to the world because its something that I just can't stop I stopped for about a week and couldn't hold it and started sucking it again
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that's really cool not a lot of would admit they still suck their thumb when their older. and if it means anything i don't think their a real problem people sucking their thumb when their older.

Well some people think its a problem but I don't care I always have and always will suck my thumb

yeah i know some people think it's a problem.one of the reason it doesn't me is my brothers(step) sucks his thumb and he is a year younger then me

Well people complain about teeth problems too and such but I love sucking my thumb I do it all the time I'm sucking my thumb right now it's very soothing

oh your right having teeth problems but you like which is cool so keep doing what you do

Yeah I like it and I do have like an overbite but I don't care

okay cool. well not about the overbite but liking sucking your thumb no matter what anyone says

Yep it's a great feeling and a wonderful thing to do you should try it and being a baby it's fun

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