Not A Problem To Me

I've had imaginary friends sinds I was five, and I still talk to them.

I do not really care and I'm not worried about it, I've got a few good 'real' friends.

The only time it gets confusing is when I tell them 'you don't exist' en they ask me to explain. lol

Some people think I need therapy for it, I've had therapy for some other things but when I tell

this they all freak out and think I'm schizo so I don't mention it anymore.

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2 Responses Feb 23, 2010

i dont think you are crazy, i also still have imaginary friends. they are mostly in anime style since i really like anime, my favorite is a guy named Ryder. it just helps cause i am lonely often, i only have one real friend. i dont avoid other people though, and im not the kind of person who prefers my imaginary friends over real friends, in fact i like being around other people and making new real friends, but i just need a creative outlet, and some company when no one is around. imaginary friends supply both.

people who dont have imaginary friend they dont understand it . I also have my imaginary friend even he has a name :) he appears at the same time when ever i need him he give me suggestions too i can feel his arms around me :) i never tell this to any one even to my mom :) soo chill dont think you shizo :)