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I Can't Stop. Nothing Works...

Yesterday I was online since I came home from school.. I was free, nothing to study as it was Friday... I chated with my boy.... but he wasn't free, he had to study so he asked me to let him for 2-3 hours.. I said "of course" because I know it's waste of time when you are trying to study and someone wants to talk to you but you can't only type.. and you are still disturbed...  (actually, I don't mind it, because I always want to be with him in touch, so I type with one hand and write notes with the second one)... He went offline...

I was tired after tough week, when every day I had exams. I fell asleep.. Baby was studying.. i was sleeping... When I woke up, I started to think about.. what was he doing.. what subject was he sudying that time.. was he happy? was he alright? wasn't he hungry? Was he drinking enough liquids? I know it may seem to be too much.. but..  I can't help myself.. I must think about all these stuffs...

I came to my computer... turn on monitor (PC was running...) and suddenly small window popped out saying Aalekh has just signed in. Hehehe.. baby was missing me...  Yeah... we spent some time together... but then it was late for him and he had to go off line... but he told me he was setting alarm after two hours...

Two hours passed.. he wasn't coming..  He was too tired to come online... but never mind.. I understand this. I chated with my friend and made order in mp3s... and some photos.. suddenly it was 3am... I was too sleepy.. i fell asleep at my desk.  I wrote offline message to my love to send me missed call when he woke up... I went to bed... almost sleeping... my cell started to ring.. Curlie woke up. I uncovered the blanket and turned PC on.. hm.. I slept 5min..  but I needed to see him.. Thanks god he was online. He was so surprised I came online. But Ireally wanted to be with him... we chated.. he sent me some of his songs, I was almost typing with closed eyes, but he supplied me with his energy, so I rejuvenated a bit for a while. I was watching him continuously, he was doing something... surfing net.. maybe. After some time he stopped... I asked him what was he doing coz I realized he was staring at one place. His reply was ..just watching you.... Ah, I love him so much. I want to be with him. I know I wrote it almost everywhere... but it's my desire which cannot be accomplished yet.... yet and maybe for long time...

bublina bublina 18-21, F 9 Responses Oct 11, 2008

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everything for you baby ;)

thanks Drumsong :)

awesome story!

I havent been with him for 3 seems like the longest three days of my life.. i miss him so much<br />
Hope your migraine will be aways soon, snowbunny

I know what you mean oh so well!!

ya... but I want to be with him every second.. (at least online, because he is far far away from me)

clovek- I too have had these same feelings...they are intense..and very's like the thoughts I have of him won't stop...I dont want them too but I know he is working towards goals and I want to allow him that space yet it is hard to let go even for just a little bit....

thanks Darkknightrogue. I wrote what I experienced. It's part of my life.

Sweet story... I like your freestyle, relays alot of intensity. I'll read more of your stuff.